Pool Membership

Membership Information

The FHPA Board Vice President is responsible for memberships. Please email fhpa.vicepresident@gmail.com if you have any questions about eligibility, sign-up, unpaid back assessments, etc.

Early every spring, applications are mailed out to all PLAT households and families that were members the previous summer.

You may download the Important Dates document and Community Events as well.

How membership works

There are two types of memberships : Resident and Non-Resident. Each type is defined in the sections below. Each year there is an open registration period in late Winter where potential members can apply for FHPA membership for the upcoming Summer season. Memberships in a given year are limited to a certain number defined by the FHPA board during the annual budgeting process. Membership applications and associated due payments are collected and processed by the FHPA Board VIce President. The FHPA Vice President will create membership packets for each paid member which consists of pool tags and other documents pertinent to FHPA events and board communications. FHPA members will pick these packets up at designated dates/times from the FHPA Vice President just prior to the pool season opening.

Membership Rates

Membership Rates are establish by the FHPA Board of Directors annually and communicated at the annual open board meeting and printed on the appropriate membership application forms.

General Membership Information

Each pool membership includes six guest passes (wrist bands). Please be advised that guests are only allowed use of FHPA facilities when a current member accompanies them and they agree to abide by FHPA Rules and Regulations.

Work Day In Lieu of Maintenance Fees

All members are eligible to earn $30 by participating in a minimum of 2 hours in the spring work days.

Resident Family Membership Eligibility

Any homeowner in the Forest Hills Plat as defined by the Forest Hills Park Association By-Laws is eligible to be a resident member of the Forest Hills Park Association. Each resident homeowner is responsible for paying any past FHPA assessments that may not have been paid by previous owners of that same property. Contact the FHPA Board Vice President to determine if your home is eligible for resident membership and whether any back assessments are pending on the property.

Resident Empty Nesters

Single / Empty nester memberships are only available for Resident members and have reduced rates because there are no children associated with these memberships.

Non-Resident Membership Eligibility

Any homeowner in the communities surrounding the Forest HIlls Plat as defined in the Forest Hills Park Association By-Laws is eligible to be a non-resident member of the Forest Hills Park Association. The number of non-resident members is limited by FHPA By-Laws and are granted after Resident applicants have been applied for the year. The number of non-resident memberships is limited to the total number of memberships available in a given year minus the number of resident applications that have been granted. Non-resident applications that are not granted are put on a waiting list for future years. Families on the waiting list are typically contacted in March or April if they have made it to the top of the list. Depending on the year and volume of non-resident applications, it is no unheard of for a non-resident application to be on the waiting list for 2-3 years.