The Community Plan

While it will not be easy, the plan is simple: In the 2022 Calendar year, current residents and pool members, aided by the Board's leadership, will work together to determine the future of the pool.

In the Fall of 2022 we will all have a chance to make pledges— a sort of promise to give a certain amount over a set amount of time. With that, the work begins NOW to bolster the support for our project, most importantly to people no longer active at the pool. Why? Because financial support among pool members alone is not going to be enough to fund this project. Former residents & former pool members will be critical. If the pledges in the Fall of 2022 reach near enough to our $2.9 million goal, then payments would begin in 2023 with construction to follow. If not, the Board and community will need to explore other options including re-imagining the future of the park without pool membership income.

Below is a summary of the Community Plan timeline and what we all need to do.. For complete details, you can review this document.




Q1 Feb - March

The FHPA Board and Foundation Board cannot do this alone. Your participation determines the outcome of this effort!

Q2 & Q3 Apr - Sept

It's essential community members (YOU) connect folks to this project! Collect their stories and passion. Include them in our communications. Invite them to events. And ultimately, have them make a gift.


Q4 Oct - Dec

We all need to contribute! Start considering what gift you can give to the pool and make your pledge in the Fall of 2022.


  • 12 Street Captains

  • Fill FHPAF Board (5-7 additional needed)

  • 10 additional volunteers (more is better)

  • March - FHPAF Board and volunteers are assigned to roles/tasks.

Sign up here to join the Foundation Board or contribute for a variety of other needed roles.


  • April - Collect contact info for 400 households in the neighborhood

  • May - Connect with 100 former residents/members

  • June - Connect with 100 former residents/members

Step 1: Click here for sample talking points and an email template.
Step 2: Input contact information here.
Step 3: Email notes from their story to

GOAL: $2.9 million

  • October pledges

    • Current Residents - $600,000

    • Non-resident Members - $200,000

  • November pledges

    • Former Residents/Members - $600,000

  • December pledges

    • Corporate Sponsorships - $500,000 Grants/Govt funding - $600,000

  • Construction Loan - $300,000

Why the Time is Now.

This discussion has been ongoing for many years with many generations of Board Members. Now, we have a 501c3 non-profit designation. We have momentum from activating the park and record pool membership. We have a plan. We have urgency.

From 2017-2022 there has been over $50,000 in pool repair costs. Fortunately, these are costs for items that will be re-usable in a new pool. Unfortunately, they are also evidence of the pool and mechanical systems' age.

Crumbling concrete

Gutter deterioration

Deep end leaking crack

Rust chips from pipes

When you walk onto the pool deck on opening day, you may not see the wear-and-tear of the pool. This is because countless hours of work by our Pool Manager and volunteers goes in to making the pool operate and look as good as it can each season. However, these are not long term fixes. Cracks re-appear. Settling from leaking water continues to occur. Gutters continue to crumble.

The photos above are just a few examples. We invite you to come see the state of the pool during work days in the spring. You'll see firsthand why we have urgency.

The Forest Hills Park Association pool has not only been a place for community, fun, and lasting memories for generations, but it directly effects the value of every home in this neighborhood. Whether you're a new or long-time resident, the pool and park was probably one of the biggest reasons you decided to move to this neighborhood. Even if your children are grown and you may not use the pool how you did before, it most likely played a huge role in your family's life.

Just as the original owners of this Plat came together to fund and create this wonderful pool, we now have an opportunity to leave our own legacy and create something for generations to come.