Keeping the Heart of Our Community Alive

Pool Replacement Project History


For over 50 years, the Forest Hills Park Association has been the heart of our community, drawing families to live here and stay here. For generations, this park has defined the character and spirit of this tight-knit community. The pool has been a place where lifelong friendships are formed, where families connect and make memories, and where community members of all ages can be active while socializing

The original board worked hand-in-hand with original residents to fund this transformational project. The pool has shaped the memories of those who grew up here and the imaginations of new families who choose this neighborhood to put down roots. While memories don’t fade, facilities unfortunately do. Tireless maintenance of the pool has ensured it would open every summer for 50+ years. The pool has surpassed the average lifespan of a public pool and without immediate and significant investment, the pool will reach the end of its lifespan. A complete pool replacement is necessary; the only option to maintain this cherished space.

Entire Park Re-Imagined

As the current FHPA board began to investigate the pool replacement process they saw an opportunity to re-envision how the entire FHPA park and its amenities were serving the community. To help with this revisioning, architecture firm Mathison|Mathison Architects (MMA) was hired. Through a series of community engagement meetings, feedback from current and past neighbors and members was incorporated into a conceptual design of this exciting project. The conceptual design featured a new pool as well as several additional amenity changes to update and reimagine the park. Kennari Consulting, a local fundraising firm, was also hired to help support FHPA in creating a plan to develop the funds needed for this project.

Feasibility Study

Kennari conducted a Feasibility Study, utilizing feedback from a sampling of current and former neighbors and members, as well as other community members whose interests aligned with this project. The feasibility study evaluated the potential for philanthropic support to resource the project (the conceptual design was estimated to cost nearly $4 million).

The feasibility study did not find sufficient financial support for the entire conceptual design. Kennari did uncover, through the feasibility study, strong support to focus on our most critical amenities – the pool and clubhouse – and to reevaluate additional amenities in the future.

Refocus Efforts on New Pool and Clubhouse

In response to Kennari’s feasibility study, the board worked with MMA to signifi cantly reduce the scope of the project from the original conceptual design. The revised scope – a new pool and clubhouse - was estimated to cost approximately $2.9 million. This cost was confirmed by a 2nd construction estimate in Dec 2021. The board developed the following revenue plan to fund the project:

Components of Revenue Plan Amount

  • Private Donations $1,400,000

  • FHPA Savings $100,000

  • Construction Loan $400,000

  • Corporate Sponsorship (naming rights) $600,000

  • In-Kind Donations (material and labor) $100,000

  • Additional Scope Reductions $300,000

  • Assessments $0

  • Total $2,900,000

Sample video provided with our 2nd construction estimate (Dec 2021)

2022: A Pivotal Year

While private donations were identified throughout the feasibility study, the dollar number needed to trigger an official campaign was not identified. Instead of moving into a campaign phase, Kennari Consulting worked with the FHPA and FHPAF boards, foundation staff and community volunteers, to implement strategies to broaden the base of supporters in order to cultivate the additional financial support needed. The newly established Friends of Forest Hills Park Association foundation recruited and filled all board seats and mobilized volunteers. Street captains connected with neighbors to gather contact information for all Greenbrier residents. Much of the year was spent informing community members about the need for the new pool. Volunteers also gathered contact information for over 2,000 former residents so we may enlist their support in saving this treasured space. In the fall, neighborhood residents and pool members pledged over $800,000 toward the project in just a few short weeks. This incredibly impressive and generous first step provided both the FHPA and FHPAF boards, along with our advisors at Kennari Consulting, the confidence needed to officially launch the fundraising campaign.

How Can You Make a Lasting Impact?

Just as the original community rolled up their sleeves to make this park a reality, the time has come for all of us to make a difference, activate the park to welcome and meet new neighbors, set us up for success to save the pool, and maintain the wonderful benefits of our park for many generations to come. There are so many ways to help and we encourage all families to do what they can and make a once in a lifetime difference in our community.

At a time when many communities are attempting to incorporate more parks into their footprint, we already have a vibrant, established park. The pool and park have been the heart of this community for 50+ years, and with your help, the heart and soul of our community will survive, allowing future generations to gather, connect, and form the same type of memories we all hold dear.