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The 2021 Pool Season is fast approaching! With that, we're sure that given how different last year's season looked, you may have some questions regarding the 2021 season. Below are some key areas you might be wondering about. Although we may not have all the answers yet, we will continue to follow the lead of federal, state, and local health officials and will keep you as up to date as we can once we have been given more definitive information.

Swim Lessons


Listed below are several skill levels that will be taught in each level and need to be

mastered before passing on to the next level.


Helps participants become more comfortable in the water.

  • Fully submerge face for 3 seconds

  • Supported front and back float

  • Bubble blowing

  • Supported kicking on the front and back


Helps participants continue to feel comfortable in the water and begin to move on their


  • Fully submerged face for 3 – 5 seconds, blowing bubbles through mouth.

  • Open eyes under the water and retrieve submerged objects.

  • Front and back glides. Front and back floats.

  • Recover to a vertical position from a front float or glide

  • Roll from front to back and back to front

  • Finning arm action on back

  • Flutter kick on front or back

  • Combined arm and leg actions on front and back

  • Explore deep water with support


Gives participants success with fundamental skills.

  • Bobbing while moving toward safety

  • Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects

  • Front and back glides and back floats

  • Change direction of travel while swimming on front or back

  • Tread water

  • Dive from side of pool in kneeling or compact position

  • Demonstrate prone glide and back glide with push-off

  • Front crawl and back crawl with good techniques for at least 10 yards

  • Elementary backstroke kick 10 yards

Level 3: (Ages 5-12) STROKE DEVELOPMENT

Builds on skills in Level 2 through additional practice in deeper water.

  • Standing front dive

  • Elementary backstroke 10 yards

  • Front crawl 25 yards with rotary breathing

  • Back crawl 25 yards

  • Breaststroke kick 10 yards

  • Scissors kick 10 yards

  • Tread water 2 minutes

Level 4: (Ages 7-14) STROKE IMPROVEMENT

Develops confidence in the skills learned and improves other aquatic skills.

  • Standing dive from a spring board

  • Demonstrate a long shallow dive

  • Swim underwater

  • Front crawl 50 yards with rotary breathing

  • Back crawl 50 yards

  • Elementary backstroke 25 yards

  • Butterfly-dolphin kick 10 yards

  • Sidestroke 10 yards

  • Breaststroke 10 yards

  • Front crawl and backstroke open turns

  • Tread water 2 minutes using 2 different kicks

Level 5: (Ages 8-17) STROKE REFINEMENT

Provides further coordination and refinement of strokes.

  • 100 yards front crawl

  • 100 yards back crawl

  • 25 yards breaststroke

  • 25 yards sidestroke

  • 10 yards butterfly

  • Demonstrate breaststroke with pull-out

  • Demonstrate dive off board with approach hurdle

  • Flip turn

  • Tread water 3 minutes, 1 minute without hands

If the instructor feels the student is not in the appropriate class,

they may be moved to a different level to accommodate their ability.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Emelander:

Tennis Lessons


Listed below are definitions of skill levels at approximately each age. Participants may be

immediately moved to another age group if their demonstrated abilities are more or less than

the age group they are in.

Level 1: Beginner (Ages 6-8) BASIC TENNIS

  • Has limited or no tennis experience

  • Has difficult time consistently hitting the ball

  • Working on getting the ball into play

  • Better suited drilling tennis fundamentals rather that game strategy

Level 2: Intermediate (Ages 8-10) INTRODUCTION TO TENNIS

  • Knows the rules of the game

  • Has stroke weakness

  • Can keep the ball in play with other players of their own ability.

  • Doesn’t always know where the ball is going when hit


  • Can judge where to stand when to ball is coming at them

  • Has a serve

  • Court coverage is sometimes weak

  • Is able to place the ball where intended

  • Wishes to strengthen their game

Level 4: COMPETITIVE (Ages 14-17)

  • Has all the strokes necessary to play a competitive game

  • Understand winning strategies

  • Would like to enhance their game with the idea of playing High School Tennis

  • Is already is playing High School Tennis and would like to improve their game


  • Understands the game

  • Has the basic tennis strokes or wants to improve their basic strokes

  • Can keep the ball in play and place it where they want to

  • Wants to refine their game

  • Wishes to learn strategies

If the instructor feels the student is not in the appropriate class,

they may be moved to a different level to accommodate their ability.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Emelander:

Swim Team


These are the age levels used for the FHPA SHARKS swim team

These are ages as of June 1st , 2021

  • Level 1: (Ages 4-6)

  • Level 2: (Ages 7-8)

  • Level 3: (Ages 9-10)

  • Level 4: (Ages 11+)

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Emelander:



These are the definition of levels used by the FHPA for pickleball lessons.

Level 1: (Ages 8-11) Beginner

  • Can hit the ball back and forth a bit

  • Can serve the ball

  • Rudimental knowledge basic rules such as scoring, lines, side outs, etc.

Level 2: (Ages 12-15) Youth Intermediate

  • Can sustain short rallies

  • Able to do basic strokes such as forehand, backhand and a volley

  • Can serve the ball

  • Understands court positioning and basic rules

Level 3: (Ages 16+) Adults

  • Can sustain rallies but not at a fast pace

  • Makes most easy shots including backhands, but still needs some work

  • Able to approach the non-volley zone (kitchen) and hit volleys

  • Has a good understanding of the rules

  • Struggles to cover the entire court

  • Interested in improving a basic understanding of the game

If the instructor feels the student is not in the appropriate class,

they may be moved to a different level to accommodate their ability.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Emelander:

Guest Passes

The normal number of guest passes for members is 6 per member household. Last year, with operating at 50% capacity, we therefore dropped the number of guest passes to 3 to account for it. If we again have to open at a limited capacity we will likely need to limit guest passes to 3 again. If we can open at full capacity, we will be able to offer 6.

Pool Hours

Early Season (5/25 - 7/21)

Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm

Sat: 10am-9pm

Sun: 12pm-9pm

Late Season (7/22 - 9/2)

Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm

Sat: 10am-9pm

Sun: 12pm-9pm


Our Pool is located Near Forest Hills and Ada Drive

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