Park rules

In this together

Forest Hills Park Association has always strived to create a family-friendly, inclusive environment for all. We believe diversity, tolerance, and inclusion are the foundational values of a sustainable community. We, the FHPA Board, pledge to uphold these values and as a member of FHPA, you too are pledging to uphold them. We urge you to speak up and speak out against any violation of these ideals and in addition, as a member, you agree to the below rules and policies. If at any point a lifeguard or member of the board is made aware of a member not upholding these values whether it be through hurtful language or use of physical mistreatment, the FHPA board reserves the right to revoke membership.

General Association Rules

pool membership rules

Swimming Pool Area Rules

Tennis Court Rules

Membership Waiver and Release 

Membership Agreement 

Failure to follow these rules may result in a member being asked to leave the property or membership revocation without reimbursement for the remaining season or longer.