Park rules

In this together

Forest Hills Park Association has always strived to create a family-friendly, inclusive environment for all. We believe diversity, tolerance, and inclusion are the foundational values of a sustainable community. We, the FHPA Board, pledge to uphold these values and as a member of FHPA, you too are pledging to uphold them. We urge you to speak up and speak out against any violation of these ideals and in addition, as a member, you agree to the below rules and policies. If at any point a lifeguard or member of the board is made aware of a member not upholding these values whether it be through hurtful language or use of physical mistreatment, the FHPA board reserves the right to revoke membership.

General Association Rules

  • The pool, playground, tennis courts, and baseball field are for members only.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on park property.

  • Dogs in the park

    • Must be leashed.

    • Owners must clean up after them.

    • May not (except service dogs) be in the pool facility or on pool deck.

pool membership rules

  • When you visit the pool, you are required to show the door attendant your membership tags. Some people wear the tags attached to their suits and others keep them on a “pool bag”. Any guests that are brought to the pool MUST wear the wristbands. They may wear them on their wrists or ankles but they must be worn so the door attendant and lifeguards inside know they are legal guests.

  • You are allowed to bring up to 6 guests at a time. The number of members and guests cannot exceed the allotment of tags your household has, + wristbands. Any time you have a guest at the pool, at least one resident of the household (or a designated caregiver) over the age of 13 MUST be present at the pool.

Swimming Pool Area Rules

  • Pool members to have membership tags available to show life guards upon entering pool.

    • While in pool area, please keep pool tags displayed (clipped to pool bag, swimsuit, etc.)

  • Each member family is allowed six guests at a time.

  • No adult/child can be a guest if they reside in the Forest Hills Plat and are eligible for association membership.

  • All swimmers must be at least 11 years old to attend the pool unaccompanied.

  • Swimmers under 11 years old must be supervised by someone 13 years or older.

  • All children, regardless of age, will be allowed to swim in the main pool.

    • Children who cannot stand up in the shallow end or cannot swim the width of the pool without assistance (touching the side, flotation device, etc.) must be accompanied IN THE POOL AT ALL TIMES.

    • Children who cannot swim across the deep end of the pool are not permitted in the deep end unless they are wearing a COAST GUARD APPROVED life jacket.

  • ALL children that are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper.

    • Contamination of the pool will result in the pool closing for a minimum of 2 hours up to 24 hours

  • RUNNING, PUSHING, or FIGHTING (even in fun) is prohibited.

  • Deep End Rules

    • Diving off the sides of the pool are only permitted between the deep end rope dividers and deep end ladders

    • Children under 48" tall must be accompanied by an adult to use the water slide, per the manufacturer's recommendations printed on the slide.

    • After going off the diving board or slide swim to the closest wall.

    • No swimming between the slide and diving board

    • One person on the diving board at a time

    • One bounce on the diving board at a time (no hopping on end of diving board before jumping into the water)

    • No "sailor dives" (A headfirst dive with one's body erect and hands by one's sides.)

    • No wearing dive masks off the diving board

    • No flotation toys in the deep end

    • Children who cannot swim across the deep end of the pool are not permitted in the deep end unless they are wearing a COAST GUARD APPROVED life jacket.

    • Children who appear tired or exhausted will be asked to move to the shallow end until rested

  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

  • Glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the pool area.

  • State law requires everyone to get out of the pool if thunder is heard or lightning is observed. The pool will remain off limits until 30 minutes have passed since the last heard thunder or seen lightning. Lifeguards are the final authority and their judgment SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED. Your safety is their primary concern.

  • In order to assure adequate lifeguard coverage and coordinate use of the community room, all parties of 6 or more planning to gather at the pool and use the community room must request a pool clubhouse rental at least two weeks in advance

    • See for details on clubhouse rental

    • Parties of 6 or more are irrespective of whether party guests are existing pool members.

    • Only one party reservation will be allowed for a given date/time.

    • Party reservations cannot overlap and there must be 30 minutes between party reservations.

Tennis Court Rules

  • No wheeled recreational equipment (bikes, skate boards, roller blades, etc.) are allowed on any of the tennis courts.